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Security & Surveillance Solution

Now a days security and surveillance system has became so much of concern from individual to government agencies and for the same we have separate division who is concentrating on this. As Analog based Surveillance technology changed to IP based and become part of Data, voice and video integration. Accordingly we too have solutions and services in this segment.

The pace of innovation around security is exciting. The Internet of Things (IoT) has had an incredible impact on security applications in terms of complexity and creating opportunity. Weunderstands this and takes each of the technologies that fit into security and surveillance and seamlessly puts them together for you.

We are tied-up with global giants to provide latest security solutions under one roof. We have been executed major CCTV Surveillance Projects for Police, Defense, Central Government Establishments, Nationalized Banks, Etc.

Advancements in CMOS imaging and infrared sensors mean IP cameras can deliver sharper images in poor lighting conditions.

Webuilds on this by tying in advanced processors able to perform heavy computation on fast data feeds. We then work with companies who develop intellectual property (IP) for state-of-the-art analytics to quickly deliver actionable intelligence.

Security & Surveillance Solution